Royalty Free Music Without Attribution

Ok, you have no budget and looking for Free Royalty Free Music. There are tons of websites offering royalty-free music and even more offering CC (Creative Commons music). This means you will have to credit the composer or website etc.

Even some public domain websites will ask for credits (not really public domain huh). Ok fair enough. But I know many people don’t want to credit the composer or website. Why, I don’t know but I do know that I recieve massive search engine hits on my “Top Free Royalty Free Images without Attribution” topic.

So if you’re really looking for free music without giving credits (attribution), need to ask permission or paying for the track . Check out this very short list, in no particular order.

Midnight Cassete SystemFree Music tracks by Frank Nora. All instrumental tracks in Hip Hop, Jungle, Ambient and much more categories.FREE!
No Attribution
No need to ask permission
Open Music ArchiveWebsite offers music which has fallen out of copyright. All old gramophone records.FREE!
No Attribution
No need to ask permission
MusopenBig collection with classical recordings from famous composers. Public Domain MusicFREE!
Registration Required
DL Sounds
Almost 1000 free music tracks and loops. Free to use in commercial and personal projects.FREE!
No Attribution
No need to ask permission.
http://www.freestockmusic.comTons of Royalty-free stock production music available for your free.Update: 02.06.2015

Seems to be a circlejerk website for (paid). Previews not working anymore.